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Who we are

SIR GROUP Srl has been in operation since the 1990s and is the largest organisation specialising in the recovery and management of credits at international and national level.

SIR Group Srl has over 200 offices worldwide and is present in all countries with physical locations and long-standing collaborators. Our company has always been dedicated to finding the best solution for court CREDIT recovery and CREDIT Collection in Italy: we have assisted clients of all types, with excellent results and a 100% satisfaction rate.

For each of our more than 40 000 customers of all sizes and sectors, from professionals to small businesses, from listed companies to financial corporations to major credit and insurance institutions, our mission has always been to create value.

Our vision, mission and values aim to inspire our decisions and actions to grow the SIR Group in a changing world while maintaining a very high level of service to our customers.

Our extensive experience and organisation of professionals around the world make us the best partner for out-of-court debt recovery internationally. It is our efficiency and goal-oriented vision of debt collection that points us in the direction and destination. It is our aspiration and awareness to be a leading company in a global context, offering the most efficient solutions.

Our Services

For Us at SIR Group, outstanding credits always in Italy and abroad
represent an asset to be converted into cash flow.


International credit recovery through our more than 200 offices worldwide. Management of out-of-court and court cases on portfolios or individual receivables. A team of professionals made up of 30 years of experience in the sector who carry out the following activities:

credit recovery italy

Extrajudicial and judicial credit recovery for companies and individuals on portfolios or individual credits. team of professionals made up of 30 years of experience in the field performing the following activities


Are you a bankruptcy administrator? Do you need to recover large sums of money quickly? SIR Group supports bankruptcy administrators with a pool of professionals and credit collectors, freeing them from the burden of managing credit recovery activities in Italy.

Credit management

A dedicated, full-outsourcing credit manager. SIR Group manages for set periods, in total autonomy, the recovery of your credits in Italy and abroad, from reminder to collection. Guaranteed thirty years of experience in the sector.

sale of receivables

An Advisory on NPL transactions, innovative transactions for public administration and private individuals. The sales of receivables with and without recourse solution always consists of the first phase of receivables evaluation (due diligence) in which SIR GROUP performs a detailed analysis in preparation for the sale


SIR GROUP has a service dedicated entirely to credit recovery from the Public Administration. With considerable previous experience, we are able to follow companies with significant credit positions throughout the entire administrative process up to the eventual collection of the debt.

SIR group

For Us at SIR Group, outstanding credits in Italy and abroad represent an
asset to be converted into cash flow.