SIR GROUP has a service dedicated entirely to credit recovery from the Public Administration. With considerable previous experience, we are able to follow companies with significant credit positions throughout the entire administrative process up to the eventual collection of the debt. A team of professionals composed exclusively of the best specialists in the sector, strategically placed throughout the territory and coordinated by the central office in Brescia.

The activities carried out at Authorities' administrations are:

Reconciliation of the Entity's statement of account with that of our Customer, verifying the presence of all accounting documents and delivering any supporting copies Verification of any differences due to:

  • Payments, even partial, not accounted for by the supplier
  • Credit notes to be issued for price differences
  • Cancellations for non-delivery or partial delivery of goods to the Entity
  • Reversals for goods not in conformity with the Entity's order
  • Erroneous collection entries on irrelevant items