SIR GROUP Srl has been in operation since the 1990s and is the largest organisation specialising in the recovery and management of credits at international and national level. SIR Group Srl has over 200 offices worldwide and is present in all countries with physical locations and long-standing collaborators.

Our company has always been dedicated to finding the best solution for court CREDIT recovery and CREDIT Collection both abroad and in Italy: we have assisted clients of all types, with excellent results and a 100% satisfaction rate. For each of our more than 40 000 customers of all sizes and sectors, from professionals to small businesses, from listed companies to financial corporations to major credit and insurance institutions, our mission has always been to create value.

Our vision, mission and values aim to inspire our decisions and actions to grow the SIR Group in a changing world while maintaining a very high level of service to our customers.

Our extensive experience and organisation of professionals around the world make us the best partner for out-of-court debt recovery internationally. It is our efficiency and goal-oriented vision for court CREDIT recovery and CREDIT Collection the direction and destination. It is our aspiration and awareness to be a leading company in a global context, offering the most efficient solutions.

Our Values


We aim to be among the most reliable companies in our industry, further assuring our values and ethics in our daily work


We are committed to adopting strategies that lead our results to be quick and always positive for our customers and their satisfaction.


We are committed to adopting values that guide and bind our collaborators in their daily choices and decisions, and that aim at ethical correctness and customer focus.


We aspire to become one of the leading global companies in the industry, offering the best performing out-of-court debt recovery service.